Properties of commercial, political and religious brands

The "Nation brand"

Caractéristiques des consommateurs

Logos of the Brands of French political parties

Distribution of shareholders of Brands...

When Public services become a commercial Brand

Ten countries' emblems

National mottos

Commercial Brands' tag lines

The Brand - Some words to say it

The Brand: a substance, a phenomenon...

Brands: Autonomy and man's freedom

The Brand of uncertanty

Comprehension and validity of Brand language

Choosing one's language : brand or products

The Brand and its perennial nature

"Branding" of the distributors

The projected image of a Brand

The Brand's colours, sounds, smells, tastes and feel

The Brand and sustainable development

Exchange between commercial and ONG Brands in a globalised democratic world

Branded molecules and generic medecine

Brands and "naming"

Advergaming, play with Brands

Advertainment, a way for telling the story of a brand

The tandem - Brand and stars

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des histoires de Marque en spectacle

Contraction d' "advertising" et d' "entertainment", l’ "advertainment" s’organise autour de deux métiers le "brand management" et le "brand entertainment". Il s’intéresse au contenu de Marque, il raconte leurs histoires, leurs valeurs... Avec l’"advertainment", la communication de Marque possède un outil relationnel qui dépasse le simple placement de produits dans un spectacle.

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